Law Society of Kenya Rejects Ruto’s Public Debt Taskforce Appointment

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK), led by President Faith Odhiambo and CEO Florence Muturi, has declined appointments to President William Ruto’s newly formed Public Debt taskforce. LSK argues that the taskforce is unconstitutional, asserting that the mandate to audit public debt rightfully belongs to the Office of the Auditor-General.

In a statement dated July 5, LSK emphasized the provisions of Article 229 of the constitution, which uphold the Auditor-General’s role in public debt audits. They cited a recent High Court decision that reinforced the Auditor-General’s authority in overseeing public audits, discouraging any attempt to bypass this constitutional mandate through executive orders.

LSK further expressed concerns about the allocation of public resources, urging that existing offices, such as the Office on Public Debt Management, provide necessary details to the Auditor-General for forensic audits instead of appointing additional taskforces.

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