Nakuru Adopts Advanced Farming Techniques to Boost Agricultural Output

Nakuru County is leveraging advanced farming techniques to enhance agricultural productivity, as highlighted during the ongoing Nakuru National Agricultural Show. Here are the key initiatives and developments:

Key Points:

  • Last-Mile Stores: The county has established 16 last-mile stores to facilitate farmers’ access to government-subsidized fertilizers, complementing existing National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) depots.
  • Mechanization Partnership: Nakuru has partnered with Hello Tractor to provide farmers with mechanized equipment for efficient land preparation and harvesting.
  • Commitment to Agriculture: Deputy Governor David Kones emphasized the county’s commitment to linking agriculture with manufacturing through agro-processing, value addition, and reducing post-harvest losses.
  • Climate-Smart Agriculture: Aligning with the theme “Promoting Climate-Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Growth,” Nakuru County is focusing on climate-smart agricultural practices, technological integration for enhanced production, and investing in research and training.
  • Show Highlights: The Nakuru ASK Show features over 115 exhibitors and 30 bazaars, showcasing innovations and technologies aimed at addressing current agricultural challenges and promoting resilient economic growth.

Nakuru County’s initiatives underscore its proactive approach to modernizing agriculture, promoting sustainability, and fostering economic development through innovative agricultural practices.

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