Ruto Faces Budget, Image Dilemma Over Kenyan Tax Protests

Kenya’s President William Ruto is navigating significant challenges following protests against proposed tax hikes that resulted in the deaths of 41 people and forced him to abandon the increases. Now, Ruto must tackle the dual challenge of restoring fiscal stability while rebuilding public trust.

The tax measures, aimed at raising $2.3 billion to shrink Kenya’s budget deficit, were withdrawn amid nationwide demonstrations. To meet fiscal targets agreed with the IMF, Ruto plans to cut public spending by $1.4 billion and increase borrowing, aiming to close a 4.6% GDP shortfall totaling nearly $5 billion by mid-2025.

However, dropping the tax plans hasn’t quelled unrest. What began as protests over financial burdens has evolved into a broader movement demanding Ruto’s resignation, fueled by grievances including corruption and economic mismanagement.

The protests have tarnished Ruto’s international standing, particularly after recent US engagements. His response included an unconventional three-hour online session on X Spaces, where he addressed public concerns directly.

Despite these efforts, the crisis shows no signs of immediate resolution, highlighting ongoing challenges in Kenya’s socio-political landscape.

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