Youth in Eldoret Hold Peaceful Demonstrations Against Finance Bill 2024

In Eldoret, Kenya, the youth have taken to the streets in a peaceful demonstration against the Finance Bill 2024. The demonstrations, which are part of a broader movement sweeping across the country, aim to voice the youth’s dissatisfaction with the proposed bill.

Carrying placards and chanting slogans, the youth in Eldoret are calling for a repeal of the Finance Bill, which they argue will place undue financial burdens on ordinary citizens. The bill, if passed, could lead to increased taxes and reduced public services, further exacerbating the economic challenges faced by many Kenyans.

The peaceful nature of the demonstrations highlights the youth’s commitment to expressing their grievances in a constructive and non-violent manner. Despite the challenges they face, including economic hardships and political instability, the youth are determined to make their voices heard.

The demonstrations in Eldoret are part of a wider movement that has seen youth across Kenya mobilize against the Finance Bill. Through social media and other channels, young people are organizing and coordinating their efforts to push for change.

As the demonstrations continue, the youth in Eldoret and beyond are sending a clear message to the government: they will not stand idly by while policies that negatively impact their lives are passed. They are demanding a seat at the table and a say in the decisions that affect their future.

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