AI investment advice is on the way: Is crypto ready? | Opinion

The integration of AI into the financial world has a rich history, dating back to the founding of Renaissance Technologies by James Simons in 1978. Simons utilized data analysis to establish quantitative investing, setting the stage for AI’s role in financial services. Over time, AI has been used to mitigate risks, formulate financial plans, combat fraud, and enhance customer service in the banking and financial industry.

Now, with the rise of advanced AI models, the financial services industry is poised for a transformation. Despite initial reluctance, financial institutions are increasingly embracing AI, thanks in part to the innovation seen in the crypto and blockchain industry. Platforms like and Bittensor demonstrate the potential of AI in automating tasks and spreading AI knowledge.

Mainstream finance is also catching up, with companies like FundGuard raising significant funding for AI-driven investment management platforms. These platforms leverage AI to assist asset managers in managing various financial products, supporting digital transformation, automating processes, and providing AI-based insights.

In the crypto space, AI-powered platforms like GT Protocol are emerging to assist users in making informed decisions on digital assets. These platforms use advanced algorithms to provide personalized investment and trading recommendations, catering to investors of all levels of expertise.

Overall, AI is becoming a prerequisite for financial institutions to remain competitive, whether they are traditional banks or decentralized organizations. As the demand for simplified investment solutions grows, AI’s role in providing smart and pain-free investment options will only become more prominent.

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